Reznor Unit Heaters

LU Services can provide low-profile, direct spark rental unit heaters for your place of business, warehouse or garage. Available in sizes 30,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU

  • Up to 83% thermal efficiency *
  • Refreshing new appearance: glossy white cabinet and less visible hardware in the V3 series
  • Natural gas or propane
  • V3 series - power vented
  • Either 2 or 4 suspension points
  • Rates dependent on size of unit & installation costs

Reznor Unit Heater

Reznor's 83% efficient, gas-fired unit heaters are available in many sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input. Sizes 30,000 through 125,000 are approved for residential garage applications. Sizes 30,000 through 400,000 are approved for commercial applications. These heaters have a fresh, new glossy white finish and less visible hardware. Natural gas or Propane.


As with all of our rental appliances, we will come to your home and evaluate the right system for you! Just call us for a FREE evaluation!

*All manufacturer information and specifications are provided by the manufacturer. LU Services is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of this information.